2014: 64nd Annual T-Bone Festival

Operation T-Bone: The town festival celebrates the beef industry in our county. (Read about the festival's history.)

For a real treat, you can read Andover Publication's Remember the Rock Vol 5. No.1 2008 - The T-Bone Special magazine on their web site. When you get to the page, click the picture of the four enthusiastic Audubon cattlemen to read to the article. Enjoy!

This year's T-Bone photos were provided by Audubon Chamber of Commerce and Audubon County Newspapers.

tBonePic01.jpg tBonePic02.jpg tBonePic03.jpg
Albert's 50th Birthday Cake Birthday Party Games Albert's 50th Birthday Hat
tBonePic04.jpg tBonePic05.jpgd tBonePic06.jpg
T-Bone Committee Hamburger Feed Over 700 people attended
Albert's 50th Birthday
Pin the Tail on Albert
tBonePic07.jpg tBonePic08.jpg tBonePic09.jpg
T-Bone Fireworks "Grand Marshal"
Marcia (Nissen) Anciaux
Highway 71 Band
tBonePic10.jpg AtBonePic11.jpg tBonePic12.jpg
Bryce Bauer Book Signing Friendship Home Foundation
Fun Run/Walk
Ring Toss
tBonePic13.jpg tBonePic14.jpg tBonePic15.jpg
Von Ketelsen Clowning Around Pedal Tractor Exhibition
tBonePic16.jpg tBonePic17.jpg tBonePic18.jpg
Inflatables Color Guard Cook-Off Contest Winners
tBonePic19.jpg tBonePic20.jpg tBonePic21.jpg
"Citizen of the Year"
Roger Malmberg
Audubon High School Band Mobile Zipline
tBonePic22.jpg tBonePic23.jpg tBonePic24.jpg
Kiss the Calf Contest T-Bone Auction at
Anita Livestock Auction
Albert "Jr." heading home
tBonePic25.jpg tBonePic26.jpg tBonePic27.jpg
Grand Champion Winner Kidz Blitz Tractor Exhibition
tBonePic28.jpg tBonePic29.jpg tBonePic30.jpg
Mainstreet Vendor New Stage Covering Scratch Cupcakery Curbside
tBonePic31.jpg tBonePic32.jpg tBonePic33.jpg
1st Place Senior Division Milestone Auto Cowboy/Cowgirl Contestants